Areas of Specialization

Our range of legal services

Areas of Specialization

The firm provides the complete range of legal services for the insurance industry. Policy interpretation, defense of insurance claims, subrogation, first party and bad faith litigation are among the areas in which we practice.

Our experience enables us to provide analysis of claims under policies of insurance and re-insurance, particularly covering commercial general liability, environmental, property, fire and automobile claims.

Liability Defense
Our emphasis on the aggressive defense of our clients has set us apart in the defense of liabilities. Our attorneys are experienced in the efficient disposition of all types of liability claims including trials.

Our experience in defense work includes the defense of personal injury claims, professional malpractice, premise liability, toxic tort, labor law/construction, automobile accidents, products liability, and elevator litigation.

Our attorneys are well known and respected in the Courts and have selected hundreds of juries. It is this experience that has allowed us to provide quality legal service to our clientele.

Elevator Litigation
GOTTLIEB SIEGEL & SCHWARTZ, LLP takes pride in its reputation as being one of the premier firms involved in the defense of the elevator industry. As a result of our experience in handling thousands of elevator claims, we have established a trusted and long standing relationship with a wide range of insurance and contractor clients throughout the country.

The firm’s knowledge of the mechanical aspect of elevator equipment and familiarity with local, state and national codes as well as industry practices has allowed us to serve as a reference source to the industry by way of lectures and presentations to the Insurance carriers and the National Association of Elevator Contractors.

Construction Litigation
GOTTLIEB SIEGEL & SCHWARTZ, LLP has extensive experience in the defense of contractors involved in the construction industry. We have defended numerous trade groups including carpentry, masonry, drywall, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, sprinklers, and general contractors.

The firm’s experience with the technical aspects of construction work and our familiarity with industry practices have resulted in great success in defending these various trade groups. We have performed exhaustive research in the field of New York Labor Law and its application to construction related injuries. We have served as trial counsel for the Major Claims Unit of commercial insurance companies who had specialized in providing coverage to the construction industry.